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Taking the Train for Newbies

I have never really taken a train before... unless you count air port trams, but here in Japan they are a frequently used transportation staple. Here is what I learned my first trip.

  1. Google is extremely helpful in locating stations, to include prediction of times of arival and cost. And if you leave the app running, and hit the drop down to show all the stops in route, it can show you which station you are approaching to prevent you from missing your stop.

2. IC cards can be purchased at the station. You select the amount loaded onto the card, and scan it before boarding the train. Note: not every kiosk will give you a card, so ensure you pay attention to instructions.

3. Be mindful of the information for your train, pay attention to arrival/departure schedules, pay attention to my the name of the station where you will be stop.

4. Wait for passengers exiting the train to deboard before boarding. Don't talk loudly, take phone calls, or play music without headphones.

5. When in doubt ask for help, although if you are still learning google translate is extremely helpful!

Safe travels 🚆

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