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How to get a Job in Japan

There are multiple ways to get a job in Japan. We decided to move here over 2 years ago, but we had a few major obstacles. One of the number one obstacles was employment. Working in Japan is one of the most efficient ways to gain approval stay here for a few years, so we looked at several options.

Teaching English

I applied for a few teaching positions. But I have very little experience teaching experience and I had a few hesitations surrounding making my debut in an international setting.

That said I applied for a few jobs and was interviewed a few times. The reason one of the jobs did not select me was my timeline, they wanted me to move to Japan maybe a month or two after the interview and at that time that wasn't possible ( I would not recommend moving in a rush regardless, if you ready that's fine, but try not to rush).

If you do apply to teach in Japan I'd recommend dedicating some time to researching the school, the area surrounding it, feedback from teachers, ect. Especially if you will be signing a contract.

2. An international company, some major companies have locations overseas to include Japan. This is a great opportunity for someone who is still learning Japanese but already has several years of experience.

3. Work for a Japanese Company. I think this is a great option especially if you already speak Japanese, and have a four year degree ( those two things are huge points in your favor but I don't believe they are always required.

4. Work for the government. This could be at an embassy, as a teacher, contractor ect. The big plus to this is versitility. There are a lot of different career fields that the government recruits so if you have a specific job in mind this is a good way to go.

5. Try modeling! I have seen an increasing number of foreigners working as models in Japan. I think like teaching it's really important to do your research for this career, especially when it comes to contractal agreements. But I think it could be a great way to way to continue your career or start something new.

Bounus advice, try to find a position that will cover some if not all relocation expenses. Moving overseas can be pricey and if your employer will help offset the costs that can make a huge difference.

Good luck and safe travels 🚆

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