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Hiroshima Castle

The castle's magnificent aperance is something you really have to see for yourself, as words really don't do it justice. The architecture is indicative of it's rich and complex history, and the surounding grounds are peaceful even when full with guests. The ponds surrounding the castle are home to large koi fish that make the place feel magical.

It's location is so close to the Hiroshima Station, that a person can walk from the station to the castle, in about 10 minutes. The Castle is like a beautiful gem in the middle of the city. From the top of that castle you will have a senice veiw of the surrounding area, and inside the castle there is a museum.

If you get the chance to visit, I would highly recommend touring the museum. It has detailed accounts of the history of the castle and it's significance in Japanese and world history. The museum (inside the castle doesn't allow photos) so be sure to adhere to posted signage. My favorite part of the musume is an interactive display where you can lift a sword and test it's weight.

On a more personal note, I tried writing and rewriting this post several times. The problem I kept incountering was the same each time. The Castle is really something you should see for yourself. Especially because of it's history.

Safe travels 🚆

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