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Choose your Hotels Wisely

One of the most important steps to moving overseas is having a valid passport. And due to the timeline of our move, we find ourselves obligated to travel to a different city (Houston) in order to update my passport.

You may ask what does all of this have to do with hotels? Well I booked at Hotel based on proximity to the passport office and that ability to travel with pets (we have my dog Everest with us). My number one concern was to ensure that we are close to the passport off so we don't miss our appointment in the morning. But our hotel pretty terrible! Here's what I wish I'd checked before making a reservation.

  1. Most recent ratings

Especially ratings this past year, and those with photos ( That might have alerted us of that fact that some doors a missing the lock mechanisms).

2. Crime rates

Knowing what to watch out for can help you stay safe for example we were warned that this area has a high concentration of theft.

3. Look at guest photos

It's in the hotal's best interest to share positive photos that make you want to book a reservation. So I'd recommend looking through recent photos shared by other guests.

4. Take time to book with care

This is probably the number one lesson learned. I booked while busy and understandably so, but I think carving out about 5 more minutes of time would have helped me find something a little more comfortable...

Hopefully my experience is helpful or at the least entertaining to you. Safe travels 😆

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